Tips and Tracks for travel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tips and Tracks for travel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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LAS VEGAS TRAVEL TIPS is a discount hotel reservation service focused exclusively on cheap Las Vegas hotels. Read the Las Vegas travel tips to answer all your questions about the city - where to go, best places in Las Vegas. Hotels, shopping, how to reach Las Vegas and much more.

Drinking It In From the Roots: Popular Las Vegas Drinks

Sin City has seen its share of staggering Sauza-sedated citizens. Gambling, going to a show and sipping on spirits are part of the culture of Vegas, a part that every visitor should know and enjoy when they make a trip to the city. There are a few beverages no one should miss out on when they hit Glitter Gulch. Some Las Vegas drinks are as much a part of the Vegas experience as poker chips and buffets.

Beginning with the city’s own namesake, the Las Vegas is an easy-drinking libation with a sense for the silly. One part tequila, two parts coconut cream, two parts orange juice, two parts pineapple juice topped off with whipping cream complete this fruity concoction that starts the night out sweet. It is not the most popular drink on the strip but it is a fun launching point for a tipsy-turvy evening.

The most popular drink on the strip is the Mexican Mojito, where tequila is the primary culprit in this alcohol infusion. Mostly though, if it is fruity, fragrant, fun and alcoholic, people can be found drinking it beneath the warm midnight sky, jumping from one bar to the next. Beer and wine take a backseat in most contexts between the Luxor and the miniature Eiffel Tower.

Las Vegas drinks with authority. Whether tourists or residents, drinking is engrained in how people spend nights in the sparkling desert. The Vegas bomb (a variation of the Jagerbomb), a cold margarita or a Crown on the rocks all make perfect hand companions for a few hours of gambling and sightseeing.

While many people believe that drinking on the strip would be expensive, by and large, it is not. Most clubs and bars are affordable, and while gambling, the majority of casinos send servers around to collect drink orders, free of charge (though tips should still be given). Las Vegas drinks are, in fact, a cheap way to experience a host of different, delightful concoctions.

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